Where will funds be spent?

The whole process is transparent and inspection visits or meetings can be arranged at particular intervals. All costs will be approved in advance. The costs will be presented as an itemised bill along with a timescale for payments.

How long must I invest for?

We offer a range of different investment levels, so the answer to this question is as long as you want. Typically the Investment fund service is for a minimum of 3 months, up to one year, and if you’re happy then we can do it again. The Joint venture opportunity is a little different, as the investor gets funds back within 6 months and then is left with a 50:50 interest in the on going investment.

How long will the consultancy last for?

Generally the consultancy will last for 18 months but really we will only be a phone call away and as we would prefer to build a long lasting relationship we will be able to offer help via telephone and e-mail on an ad hoc basis As mentioned, all successful consultees will be encouraged to work with the company in the future to build the brand and develop further streams of income for themselves.

What input will be required from me?

This depends on your own time commitments; we can offer a full service solution, as each client is different so we take things on a case by case basis.

Do we need to meet?

We would prefer to meet up at some point, as this will allow us to show you the completed projects and how the business runs and will give us a chance to meet face to face which we feel is a lot better in helping to build a strong relationship.

What are the fees and charges?

Again this depends on the requirements of the individual, factors such as current portfolio size and level of involvement will play a big part, but each situation is different and we provide the necessary package to get things moving. Fees and charges are always agreed at the outset of an investment.

What about the falling housing market?

Our Investments are backed up by the yield we are able to produce; therefore the investment value of the property isn’t affected so much by the trends in the housing market. What it does mean is that we can buy our subject properties for a much lower price, which results in more impressive yields. It’s a double edged sword, values down, yields up, values up, yields down, only on new acquisitions.

How do I get more information

Please contact us for an introduction pack, and ask your Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) for details about the Empire Double Digit Yield Fund.

For further information please get in touch with or 01302 564263.