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Our target markets are Doncaster, Sheffield, Nottingham and Leeds, we intend to increase our presence within these areas before exploring others. Nevertheless, we know that the concept works and we expect to be able to expand into more areas in the future. If we are able to work out a possible venture with a new client which is out side of these areas then this can be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Why Doncaster? Why Sheffield? Why Leeds? Why Nottingham?

We know these areas very well and through investing a lot of time and money we have built up a very high level of experience of these particular cities. Although we do intend to move beyond these areas, it makes sense to leverage our existing knowledge where it works best. The main features of these particular cities are the affordability of potential projects, we know we have a very healthy supply of subject properties at a very reasonable price, all of which bodes well for the growth and expansion of the company and our partners portfolio.

If you to see how this looks in reality in any of the above areas, please get in touch with info@empirepropertyconcepts.co.uk or 01302 564263.