Our consultancy provides added value to your property investment by sharing our expertise, experience & contacts which results in increased efficiency & market leading yields.

Plenty of property experts share views & information through books & e-books alike. However, most assume a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The difference between our service & others is a tailored service to your individual investment aims & aspirations. We appreciate that investors have different risk & involvement appetites which is why we have a range of investment services based around our HMO model.

Prior to acquiring a property, we can immediately summarise the predicted yield based on the standard development cost plus acquisition cost. This allows investors to confidently decide not only to invest but which type of property to invest in.

Another crucial unique selling point is our communication throughout the process. We will guide you through the process & provide support when needed. The feedback we have received it's this gives constant reassurance & reduces stress - see our testimonial page for examples of happy clients

Lastly, we don't see a consultancy client as a one off client or purchase. Many become long terms clients based on the results our model yields but also because of the service we provide.

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  • Minimum investment - £130,000
  • Maximum investment - N/A
  • Typical yield - Net 12-17% Gross 17-22%
  • Typical investment period - 10 years
  • Turnaround Time - 6 months
  • Typical exit period - 12 months
  • Security - First Legal Charge, Second Legal Charge
  • Typical risk - Medium
  • Typical involvement - Medium
  • Typical investor profile - A person looking to gain income from a longer term investment. This person will need to be prepared to take on board minor parts of the management process i.e. liaising with lettings agents on a monthly basis.

* Figures are for illustrative purposes only & should not be deemed to be financial or investment advice.