Loans For Property

Loans for property are for clients who want a high yield on their investment but without the day to day involvement of property investment.

Like all Empire investments, the property loan is agreed at the outset & we will suggest a profile of property tailored to the liquid funds available. We will also agree the formal Loan Agreement deed which will be provided as part of the service but can be verified by your own Solicitor. We also offer a first charge for the loan amount against the investment property.

The most profitable property deals happen because all parties are geared to act professionally, swiftly & decisively. We can instantly evaluate the investment opportunity using our HMO model & we have RICS surveyors ready to overview conditions & values swiftly too. Rather than wait for bank finance to be released, we use Loans for Property to back our decisions for a standardised offer, terms & conditions.

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  • Minimum investment - £50,000
  • Maximum investment - £2,000,000
  • Typical yield - 10%
  • Typical investment period - 6 to 24 months
  • Turnaround Time - 1 month
  • Typical exit period - 6 months
  • Security - First Legal Charge, Second Legal Charge
  • Typical risk - Low
  • Typical involvement - Low
  • Typical investor profile - A person looking for an instant investment return with minimal involvement. Investment funds returned when a project is completed either via sale of the property or refinance into the Empire group portfolio.

* Figures are for illustrative purposes only & should not be deemed to be financial or investment advice.